Saturday, 12 February 2011

Diary Entry, 13-02-2012

Found an amazing blog by Rebecca Hein. She truly understands how my mind works! Uncanny. I tried to "play" as doc Hallowell suggested and it only worked in part. Thing is: I simply forgot how to. I still have the craving to solve puzzles, synthesize, create or whatever name Hein gives it, but the old, intense focus has gone. I probably should go back to my roots and try to recapture my youth. Bit hard to do after 20 years, but still, it's worth a try.
Rebecca's Blog made me realise something else. I need a lot of "doodling" over a problem before feeling comfortable passing judgement. At work I spy most organisational issues three years in advance. At that time people think I am crazy pondering problems that do not exist. Unfortunately those are the same people that come running once things need fixing. What's worse they will be angry when the fixing is not entirely to their liking. What's even worst, me being a perfectionist and puzzle afficienado, I enjoy the extra challenge critisism gives me! Conundrum!

Boy, what a hoot!


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