Friday, 11 February 2011

DIary Entry, 11-02-2012

Since starting my try-out with a personal belief system I have had mixed results. I still think my belief in personal  freedom is strong and heartfelt. However, there are new experiences and insight that are starting to compete. First of all my methilphenidate (4x20mg) makes me more agressive, increasing the urge for being assertive, while actually making me more selfish. Having two teenagers around the house makes it quite difficult, and more clashes occur than in the past.
Also, my inability to organise has improved just enough that I can see the big picture, but not enough for me to see my new insight though. Strange urge to be creative without the tooling to execute my visions and ideas! So frustrating!
All in all I am still positive about having beliefs. It helps me greatly in the communication with others. Now all I have to do is to start learning to listen :)


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