Monday, 21 February 2011

Diary Entry, 21-02-2012

My new medication is working beautifully. There is a lot of work to catch up on though. Today, after my boss, my business manager told me to that he tought other peopple were leaning too hard on me. Apparantly he was disappointed in the late delivery of some of my output. I let him think it was somebody elses fault, which is not at all like me! I took action on my boss. I went to see some of his friends to ask what might have been behind my boss' remarks. He thought it is because my boss is a "trooper", if neccessary sacrificing himself for Queen and country. Maybe that's the ticket. Still I feel that even suggesting that my performance is falling short is a personal insult, even when I know it to be true.
My business manager is a whole different ballgame. One thing I take from it that he apparently needs my skills on other stuff than I am working on at the moment. The second thing I take from it is that he does not like me to work late (therefor I must hide the extra work I put in). I will ask him what it is.he specifically wants me to do. I can give the type of performance that he needs. It is not hard to imagine what he wants. He is what I call the perfect son-in-law. He likes praise and gives it where it is due. I think he wants me closer to my program. I will go and put more work in that way.


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