Sunday, 20 February 2011

DIary Entry, 20-02-2012

Not much happening today. I overextended myself in the promises I made and now I have to pay the price. Lot's of work, in fact too much for one week. On the upside, if I succeed now I succeed in the eyes of the CFO. On the downside... Luckily the new meds continue to work well.
On twitter I found a new, inspiring article by Hanif Kureishi in the New York Times.  You have to love the picture that goes with it. How very, very typical. I used to love looking out of the window, listening to the birds, and trying to spot them in the greenery (which is surprisingly difficult). Or look at my pencils for a couple of minutes, close my eyes and see the pencils in a different colour. Lending two books from the school library, then go to the real library for three more and steel the library passes from my siblings so I could get six more. 

Really good day for Supertramp: Logical song, School, Take the Long Way Home, Dreamer :) To bad the guys don't allow anyone on YouTube with their songs. Back to the basement: I've got that CD somewhere.


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