Monday, 28 February 2011

Diary Entry, 28-02-2012

Today I have had a couple of insights. After my discussion with my son yesterday on his negative feelings toward homework, I am resolved to have a longer talk with him. I want to sound him out on why he thinks doing homework is boring (stupid question, you might say). The question isn't quite as stupid as that. According to some books I've read, putting aside your dislike of homework can actually help you get it done a lot faster!

Also today I experienced being shut out by my business manager on a subject I've been struggling with. It is a thing he put me on himself (quite publicly so). However, the job is difficult and he does not seem to want to get burned or put his backing on something controversial that might hurt his status. Or at least that is the way he makes me feel about it.

The third thing is I got shut out by that same manager because I interrupted him in conversation. I don't blame him. For me personally it is something to look into because it is a thing that merits my attention for several other reasons. It is, in fact one of my more deeper seated social problems.


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