Thursday, 3 March 2011

Diary Entry: 3-3-2012

Lat couple of days I have been feeling quite oppositional. Few times it hit me, mostly because of remarks of people I like. Some tweets made me feel oppositional:

  • You can't take authority over your life if you don't have authority over a sink full of dirty dishes or a messy garage. (What the &^%$% get a maid or something)
  • the intellectually gifted have a heightened sense of injustice (not true, they dislike people not behaving as expected)
  • As a  you tend to intellectualise your feelings (everyone's feelings are  dependent on the way they interpret the world, that's why it's called homo SAPIENS)
I was able to count to 10 and not react,but it worries me. I have always been an oppositional bastard. But lately it is becoming a problem. I think it s because I feel more relaxed. According to enneagram theory five's direction for integration is toward the bossy type. Either that or I am falling down to intollerable levels of being :(. Whatever it is, it worries me!


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