Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Diary Entry, 08-02-2012

Today I had some practise at implementing my beliefs:
freedom of choice:
I told my wife I would be home late because I wanted to do some work stuff. I resisted her putting me on some  undefined guilt trip for not coming home on time. In the end I did not achieve the stuff I wanted so there I have still some work to do.
My great analytical skills left me. I have not done my pupil a favour by dumping all my concepts on him, I haven't been able to motivate people for Capex reduction activity. Someone actually insulted me by saying he was picking up the phone now because I was getting concrete.
My results eluded me today because I was procrastinating. Too many exiting things to think of at once.
I did take care of myself by having breakfast and lunch: a great improvement for me.

All in all I did do some things but I need to plan for it better.

I also started doing a mindmap for my beliefs (for conceptual exploration),


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