Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Aristotle and the Cardinal

I am always looking for ways to improve myself. Yesterday I came across a helpful Blog about practical wisdom by Barry Schwartz and Ken Sharpe on Psychology Today. They started of with making a reference to Jews. They had me right there! I had just been thinking on the Jewish capacity to reflect and the way it has helped their people move forward in life! Later I saw that Schwartz is also on TED talks.

Barry and Ken love Aristotles Nicomachean Ethics. I was raised a Catholic so this part of the Socrates, Plato, Aristoteles trilogy passed me by. To the mind of my Catholic educator Aristotle is way too frivolous. A gap in in my education!
Aristotle is known for his discovery of water displacement when taking a bath, of subsequently measuring the gold content of the kings crown etc.. What is perhaps less known is that het was also teacher to Alexander the Great, who turned out just ... Great, so the guy must have been doing something right.

I have been having trouble withe the whole concept of reflection. My Kolb test confirms I stink at it, so I am looking for a way to learn. Stupid of me to have overlooked the concept of ethics. Yesterday I tried the Ethics concept on my son for sieze. He was grumping at me because he had not done his math homework properly and I was making him do it. I pointed out to him that punishing me for his own failure was not the way to go, since I was not the cause of his predicament. I asked him if he was going to kick a dog or a small child next time he was on his way back from school with a bad grade? What was he going to use as an excuse toward the dog owner? I am sorry, but I just had a bad grade so I had to kick your dog? We laughed and he finished his study without complaint.

Barry and Ken my thanks for pointing me to Aristotle. Shame on my teachers for not teaching me this in school. And I am looking forward to reading the texts. Somehow I have got a feeling this will help me understand the French "savoir faire, savoir vivre" better as well.


PS my planning still sucks. Still have to find my way out of that one!

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