Friday, 16 March 2012

Reflections: Morning start-up

The goal of my new planning system is to free up me-time. There is nothing I like more than using my Blog to think things through and experience my life in more depth. Surprise! Blogger already thought of that! You just Blog on your Mobile! Wonderful: I can use my travel time for Blogging in stead of my sleeping time.
Today I will start with setting standard procedures, roles and responsibilities for frequent tasks. From an ADD perspective this has several benefits:

  • Standard procedures can be automated and they come with standard checklists
  • Setting roles and responsibilities is an activity that connects you to people
  • Being in a standard operating procedure is a sort of institutionalised buddy system
  • From an HSP perspective it is also preferable: setting boundaries on responsibilities can reduce the need to feel responsible for anything and everything.

As always there is a complexity. I need to convince people that do not report to me directly to do as I want. There is two people I want to use this procedure on today: my boss, but it is at his own request. And a colleague that has not been very amenable to change so far. How to convince my colleague?
According to HBR - should state whats needs doing, discuss the bigger picture and get down to business/ delegate. That is all fine of course but it will only work if my colleague accepts responsibility. And feels that there is something in it for him. Furthermore I must be lazy myself because I am unreliable because of ADD and hate routine work because of my giftedness. Secondly I have a goal to be more visible and you can not do that if you are bogged down in procedure. So what have I got to go on?
First: we already agreed on some shared values earlier on (having ADD I have not acted on them yet but hey can you blame a guy?)
Second: he is a gossiper and loves attention. Being an introvert I can not help him with that. I can however use my influence to let him take the credit and and give him more airtime.
Third: knowing his preference for gossip and group think I can even design the process in such a way that it reflects his need to tell tales and create group think on certain topics that are our joint concern.
Fourth: I will probably need to spend more time with him reviewing stuff and spending time on him. Do not know if he likes it, but I will give it a try.

I will keep you posted on the progress.


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