Friday, 16 March 2012

Reflections: evening cool down

Intense day today with many important interactions and deadlines. Unfortunately someone wanted to talk to me on the way home so it will be a short reflexion. The things I picked up from it:

The coworker that I wanted to set the roles and responsibilities with agreed to do so. He also had to deliver some other input. The conversation felt a bit strained to me because he turned red a couple of times when I asked questions to understand his position better. He also went all procedural and started blaming others for work not being done. Later it became apparent he had to do a presentation for 15 people on Tuesday that he wanted to prepare for. I still do not get his logic, he was being hard on one of our best people and soft on poor performers that are his friends and he was fanatic about agreed upon rules, that he doesn't follow himself and weren't really appropriate for the situation anyway. Conundrum.

I managed two major deadlines, but I did not do roles  and responsibility work for my direct boss. Although there was no deadline that was a mistake. There was just too much regular work and then some. I will send him a mail and arrange a meeting to talk the concept over. I am always going over the guys head, directly to his boss because that's who I work with. Even if the work he gives me is minor, I should not pass my boss over.

I disappointed and surprised my business manager. He was unhappy I hid some cost from him that he did not want to decide about earlier. I was wrong. Next time I will confront him earlier in stead of letting him come to me.Trust is more important than peaceful covering up. He was deliriously happy about a report I made for him that makes him look good in the eyes of his boss.

The guy I thanked for organising the department lunch with an e-card yesterday was happy as a clam. He told lots of people so that is nice.

The other business manager I support I had a meeting with. He was glad with the new report, he did not follow my advise on taking more risks. He did follow my advise on approaching a vendor mgt negotiation, number presentation etc.. He was surprised I recommended his department to the CFO for some new governance experiment. The guy is always very supportive of me, but I do not feel he really needs me. This feeling I have I can use to relate to others!

There is still four other meaningful encounters, a guy coming for advise how to align 300 projects: answer: you don't. You just set a single goal and weed out all projects that do not contribute. Another colleague I will discuss another time etc.. My wife had another conflict with my son but that will have to wait another day.


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