Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Diary Entry

It has been a couple of days since my newly found right brainedness. Both at work and privately my projects are in a bit of a mess right now. People look at me worriedly amd my mailbox has exploded to 277 unread mail. Time for me to get into action!
It looks bad, but it is the type of situation I frequently find myself in. All that is needed is some focus, and taking small steps. First thing I need to do is reduce the number of projects I am working on, finish the most important one on time and wing it with the rest.

More important is the question how to change my life to prevent this kind of thing in future.
There is an Internet site with the right kind of information on brain functioning. The description allows both estimation of my current performance and identification of the area's where I am lacking. Added to this is a sense of what works for me that has developed which will enable me to define alternatives to the underdeveloped parts of my brain. Main problem will be my wife. Her opinions of what is important and what is not differ from mine quite extensively. It is a battle I am not looking forward to because the risk that she will give me the "I told you so" is fairly big. I fear my solutions will not cover all of her complaints and will therefor be rejected, forcing me to remain in the status quo.
Still something has got to give. Without breathing space there is no room for me to take the responsibility and control I so desperately want.

At the office a constant flow of interruptions. Definitely not a good thing for my concentration.It breaks the flow which is at the top of my fingers, hovering at the edge of my brain.

did find a great site on left vs right brain.
From the right brain I have good:
Spatial sense
Music sense
Emotional memory
Creative area
Inhibition area
Motor Area

From the left brain:
Language sound (I am trilingual and can hear accents in all three, even think in three different languages and it influences my thoughts and feelings)
Creative ideas

So less strenghts on the left side.


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