Monday, 14 May 2012

Right Brained

Those that have been reading my Blog know I was doubting between ADD, HSP and Giftednedd as the root of all evil. Reading a Blog on comprehensive reading problems and ADD/ ADHD has taught me differently! Although the factors above may contribute, being right brained explains my condition far better.
I came across a blog of some well meaning left brainer who was trying to "solve" ADD/ ADHD reading comprehension. The Blog just screamed at me he was lost, in an area that was completely obvious to me! I must confess, the underlying assumption that something was wrong with ADHD children also struck a cord of sympathy for the man's poor pupils. What a terrible thing to be coached by some one who does not understand you. I went overboard a bit I must confess. Here is what happened.

The proposition was that ADD/ ADHD children have developmental problems in reading comprehension in the fourth grade (not my country so I must look up what the age is exactly). So far so good, perfectly recognisable in both me and my son. Yes time lines, sequences of events, history etc. are a challenge. This Dr. in psychology did not make that connection, which amazed me. Astounding! People that studied the ADD issue for years, made their profession of it, that can not make this simple connection. Obviously, if you have trouble with time lines and sequences of events you are bound to have trouble with texts, which are, by nature, sequential.
Is it the fault of the child that texts are so seriously flawed? Of course not! The working of the brain is something to be cherished! True, right brain might be lacking in sequentially, but it more than makes up for it in synthesis and depth of feeling. In my view as a right brainer I read perfectly well. I am about skimming text. Understanding the author and where he is coming from. Cutting through all the worked examples and going into structure, emotional and logical content, the essence. It is a beautiful process involving empathy, engaging the imagination, association and assimilation. It is HUGE! And it has nothing to do with ADHD! It is a right brain thing!
So I got emotional and overreacted. And yes, I felt guilty for giving my opinion where it was not asked for. To check myself, I looked up on the Internet whether my personal experience was just that, an isolated case of me. And it was not! It seems there are educators that DO understand this type of thinking and learning! The level of understanding and compassion in these websites warmed my heart. Neither am I crazy, nor am I alone! And guess what? I am proud of what I am, and screw the rest!
My many thanks to the unsuspecting psychologist that irritated me so! He helped me along beautifully. The best thing that has happened thus far to reconcile me to my "disease". Next time music plays in my ear when I have emotions, or a summers day fills my head when hearing Mozarts' concierto for clarinet in A 2nd movement, or when I take longer than others to adjust to a new situation I will just cherish and recognise it for what it is: just me being me!


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