Saturday, 17 March 2012

And still more reflection

Since I did this Kolb test the idea emerged in my head that I should try a different learning style. In stead of just doing and experiencing. I should observe and theorise. I am curious to know whether I can do it! So, to continue Friday's experiences. After that I will have to contemplate different views on the same situations and then synthesise into a new theory! Had my wife do the Kolb test, she is more of a reflecting person than I. The competition is on! There is only a couple more experiences to relate.

First there is the colleague, an IT architect, coming around to ask how the 300 something and over 2.000 change requests could be aligned to the 3 corporate strategy. To be honest I did not understand his question. He looked quite worried. I told him that the best way to align the projects to the strategy was to stop the projects that are not strategically relevant.I thought the answer was quite straightforward but he still looked hesitant.
The other experience was working with another guy on some new concept. I devised the concept and he operationalised it. What I did not understand was his secretiveness. First he accused me of withholding information. Then he tried as hard as he could to retain single authorship of our joint produce. Then he shared an electronic version of the document with someone higher up who took it and presented it in the Management Team Finance. All this I can understand even if I do not agree, I think ideas should be free.
The last experience was coming home from shopping finding my wife doing the washing and egging on the children, my daughter watching a recording of the Voice on TV and my son sitting upstairs, playing on his Playstation. This was 1 1/2 hours before the kids needed to go do their sports and there was a guest coming in the afternoon while the house still needed cleaning. What I completely did not get was the disinterest the children showed for the common interest in getting the house into shape.

I will try and process all these impressions later on. The whole thinking it over and processing this information is new to me. Better take it slow lest I

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