Thursday, 26 April 2012

All Systems a-Go

Yeeaahj. All computers working again! I can ramble on in my Blog once more! Today a couple of thoughts are going through my mind. I love to Blog and on my CHADD self test (GREAT TEST by the way) self confidence showed up as the only area of improvement. I definitely want to continue! On the other hand I am still making poor progress on planning, I am procrastinating and now that I have got my wife convinced to use doc Gordon I should start acting the part myself. Time for a regroup and rethink! Where to start! I think it should be procrastination. It has to do with setting priorities.

What I sometimes do is setting priority on things that are bulky, brought to me by others and that do not contribute to my personal goals. When all these Big Hairy Audacious Goals (BHAG) no longer appeal to me I stop doing them (although they are not finished) and start on the small things. This is a different Mode of Operation (MoO?). What happens is that I am sitting behind my desk, looking at the list of stuff that need to do. Typically I will set aside the more complex task or tasks that need a long uninterrupted time at the computer. I think that I do not have the energy to perform the needed tasks. I feel it is more efficient to do a number of quick tasks instead of starting on the BHAG's. What actually happens is that I will do a couple of things and then get confused/ unfocused . Bobblehead dad knows the why of it in a Podcast with Margit Crane: I transition poorly and it is extremely difficult for me to start on small things!

So what I need is a way to keep track of my BHAG's and find time to do the small stuff as well (medium length not interesting stuff). I tried to find sites on procrastination and I did find some but none that I really liked and certainly none that immediately tapped into Margit Crane's insights.

Today I will devote my time to finally setting up the planning system!! My family permitting of course!


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