Monday, 30 April 2012

Diary entry

Today I will finish the design on my planning system! This is what the design looks like:
1 Answer your mail
2 Prepare for meetings
3 Make GANTTs of all your projects
4 Use a document for weekly planning
5 process the actions agreed upon in meetings.
As always there are details. But this is the main plan.

Now for the implementation:
For mail I have a backlog of about 190 mail with approx 30-50 coming in today. If I do 60-100 mail a day I should be OK by the end of the week. The time I am willing to commit is 60 mins per day. See where it gets me! Also let's see whether I can come up with reductions!

There are three relevant meetings today with about 4 hours of prep time needed. There are two other meetings I have to skip in order to create enough prep time.

In the project department I have worked two Gannt examples. I need to finish the one and update the other. If I can do that and have a list of projects I will be happy.

Who ever said that planning was difficult?

At the end of this day I an state that I have not worked the GANTT charts I had made. Still not a bad day. 62 incoming mail and 120 mail handled.

I did come across a great read from Psychology Today: Turns  out that using the word I is very bad for your social creds! Go figure!


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