Monday, 16 April 2012

And how my wife toke it

My therapist and my wife do not see eye to eye. My therapist thinks I should be working on my energy levels, my wife thinks I should get to work on the long list of household chores. There is a fundamental difference! This morning I should have gone for a jog, but I did not, beacuse my wife did not support me. I should stop listening to her!

On some other subjects I did make some progress. I discussed the approach towards our son and the suggestion we had a joint therapy session on the subject. Being intensely private she did not agree to a therapy session. No surprise there. She did change the approach to our son! It does not come natural to her, nor does it me, but she is trying to be more patient. (In spite of the fact that the guy is trying our patience!).
The second thing she has given in on is lunchmoney. She has given me enough cash for one week. So in general things are looking up!

Jogging in the morning is not possible yet. Perhaps I should switch to jogging during lunch or working out at the gym in the afternoon. The company is very flexible when it comes to sports. My therapist is right: sports ground me. I used to play sports 8 hours a week at University. I could also do an extra training on wednessday.
Maybe I need to look just a bit further.


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