Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Diary Entry

Today my email box will make great improvements! (According to Pennebaker in yesterdays tip, people in Charge do not use "I", and it can not be faked. It would be wonderful to challenge that assumption! Like the game we used to play: do not say yes or no! Besides some wonderful sidesteps to Leary's Wheel are possible, including doubt on the interdependence of Leary's variables). Back to the mail: Microsoft advises a four step plan, much like GTD from mr Allen, only better.

  1. Step 1 Sift reference material from actionable items. This will clear about 20%. They do not have any blog on HOW to do the actual sifting. My outlook will need some rules and folders, somehow. (Leave it to the ADD guy?)
  2. Step 2 Find 1 hour a day for doing your mail
  3. Step 3 Choose what to with your mail (4D system):

    • Delete
    • Delegate
    • Do
    • Defer

Now here is where the previous Allen/ Lifehack system blows it. That system wants ADD-ers to use the Microsoft tasklists and he want them to chuck delegated tasks in a separate folder by using some [w] code. That does not work because it is too involved with too any codes and subsystems. No tasklist crap or me and a simple flag system to keep track of email with an action.

My new system will need to sort delegated tasks by person and use the flagging system, rather than the task bar system, to sort tasks. These tools, together with the conversation history function ans the DELETE conversation history function, will be much more powerful! Why stop there? The new system will also have the flagged emails per person! That is much more befitting ADD users!

There is a Fourth step to Microsoft's 4 step plan [find one hour a day to do your email]. Tonight's updated blog will inform you of both the progress and the elusive fourth step.


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