Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Diary Entry

Yesterday was a great day for experimenting with email handling and not saying "I". Also , my email is now partially Microsoft proof:
Automatic processing of reference email
My inbox now has a couple of rules:

  • Forward rule for mail that needs to be forwarded in my department
  • Info mail rule for subscriptions to newsblogs.
  • Archive rule for archiving reference materials (most often stuff that needs to be on a hard disk)
  • Delete rule for SPAM and recurring Phishing attempts
  • CC rule for later processing CC mail. It fills up at an alarming rate. Maybe the number of Important Persons that are exempt from the CC rule needs to be higher. It is amusing to analyse why people use CC. That is a study in itself.
  • Conversation clean-up function in outlook

My outbox has one rule: depending on a code in the subject header, the mail is copies to a jobs outstanding folder and flagged for review in two days time.

Due to the time needed for these changes the backlog on yesterdays CCmail has grown.

Today's to do:

  • Implement flagging for personal tasks and postponed actions
  • Implement Categories for projects (not really Allen proof but it is the advised Microsoft way)
  • Create a view to review pending actions

That is as much thinking about email that I can take. After that I will stop worrying about the bloody email.

On a lighter note: It has been fun to play the I games. Funny too that others intuitively pick up on it and stop saying I as well. It is absolutely not my normal mode of operations. Contrary to the Pennebaker's opinion it does influence your thinking. The reason to use I in speech is to be precise on the source of certain feelings and thoughts. If you stop being precise it has a strange effect on your perception and that of others. Furthermore the word "you" comes up a lot all of a sudden. That really disturbs my sense of internal locus of control! Thirdly, not to use the word I in feedback situations feels unfair, aggressive and embarrassing That is not fun at all.For the sake of the experiment colleagues will be experimented on, but not family.


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