Thursday, 3 May 2012

Diary entry

Thank God it is Friday! No appointments and lots of time to pick up the pieces of a somewhat haphazard week. Lots of things should have gone differently. Yesterdays meeting with my manager (say Carl) was a disaster! We talked about too many things, one of my upcoming promotion. One of my demands was a new education trajectory (post-PhD). Carl reacted by asking if I would not rather do a communication course. That did not go down well! Eventhough the response should have been expected, it was not, so in stead of asking who it was that wanted the change my reply was defensive. Bad!

Lots of other things gone wrong too: the battle for physical exercise was lost. (But the war continues) Some project at work are not progressing sufficiently etc.. The overall gut feeling is one of unfinished business and loose ends that will boomerang. Peter has been his promoting self this week. He always wants my input to open up discussions, my insights are both independent and out of the box. In a way that feels uncomfortable, both becauise fears of being inadequate myself/ giving the wrong advise and because it leaves you feeling used like a pawn (and just as easily sacrificed).

The tube has arrived. Time to tie up loose ends.


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