Sunday, 6 May 2012

Diary Entry

Quick update today. The "I" game was really hard this weekend! Basically relations with loved ones are too intense to be able to play that way. Sunday afternoon was spend preparing the week and catching up on email. 273 email this week took approx 6 hours of work. Microsoft was right, you should plan for 1 hour of email drama a day. Does not feel right, but since there are no further solutions, lets stick with the program for now. In addition to the email workload there is the rehashing of meeting minutes. Prince2 prescribes a workable to do list. There is still a backlog of a few days, but the outlook for now is positive and a to do list does allow you to follow up, much like the flagged email allows me to. So, the planning stuff is progressing nicely.

The communication is still not what it should be. My wife adapted to Thomas Gordon. My ADD is still preventing me from transitioning to the new paradigm. Having to change feels for me like infringement of my privacy. It is difficult to give you the actual reasoning why it works that way but it does. For example my morning routine is interrupted by my son with support of my wife (they stole my shower time slot because my son slept in). That sort of thing really gets to me. Is it ADD, is it autism (it has been suggested throughout my life), is it a Gifted's sense of injustice or is it just me, being cranky in the morning? My hope is now on Deborah Tannen with "I only say this because I love you". More reading, less blogging for the next couple of days.


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